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Legal fees. Doctor bills. Dentist visits. One can usually count on a fairly large dent in one’s bank account whenever such professional services are needed. And those needs are to fix a serious problem. Not much fun. 

Sure, insurance can help, if one has insurance. But at least those who want to end a loveless, lifeless marriage no longer need thousands and thousands of dollars if both parties feel the same way. 

Before I get into who pays the fees in a simple, uncontested, low-cost, no-fault divorce, let’s explore fees as they related to the good old messy, expensive contested divorce. Generally speaking, you’re on your own for your legal fees. In certain cases wherein one party has a very good income and the other party is low or no income, it is possible to ask the Court to have the well-to-do party pay the other’s legal fees. Unfortunately, the poor party will need money for a lawyer to make that request and the result is typically less than a thousand dollars. Not very satisfactory. I have some important tactical advice for parties in that position, but it would take far too long to set forth here, so just call me during business hours. 

Moving on to the low-cost, simple, uncontested, no-fault divorces I handle. Paying me to seek a court order for attorneys fees would be much, much more than I charge for an entire divorce. Plus the $219.00 I charge can be paid in installments at your own pace (and the fee remains $219.00). 

In the 40 years I’ve been handling these divorces, I have learned many things. One is that waiting for the other person to file usually results in the divorce never being filed. Another is waiting for the other person to help you pay will result in your divorce never being completed. So the lesson is that if you want a simple, low-cost divorce, your best bet is counting on doing it yourself and paying every dollar out of your own pocket.