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It’s easy to qualify for a “gray” divorce. Your hair doesn’t need to be gray, nor do need to have been married for many years, though it usually is one or the other… or both. It is a fact that older folks or long-married couples get divorced for exactly the same reasons as younger couples or those who have not been married all that long.

However, in my long years of experience, I have heard from husbands and wives who have told me not about physical or mental abuse, not about unfaithfulness, not about abuse of alcohol or drugs, not about refusing to work or provide life’s necessities, not about any of the myriad reasons one spouse has simply had enough, but that they have retired and, in their particular situation, they would collect more retirement funds if they were not married. In fact, they were still happily married and had no intention of living apart.

As a lawyer who handles on low-cost, simple, uncontested, no-fault divorces, I had to refuse to take such cases.

In a no-fault divorce, my client, under oath, must sign a document (which is still called a divorce complaint even though no one says what there is to complain about) which states that the marriage is broken and cannot be saved. (“Irretrievably broken” is the legal phrase.) As the client’s lawyer, I too must sign that document. Of course, I could not do that nor could I even prepare the document for the client to sign when I knew that the marriage was, in fact, not broken at all.

In all likelihood, those “gray” couples simply went to another lawyer and never revealed why a divorce was really wanted. But my conscience remained clear and my responsibility to the court and the law remained intact.

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