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Quick Answer:

What Paperwork Do I Need For An Uncontested Pennsylvania Divorce?

Each county in Pennsylvania has its own forms and ways of doing things, along with its own filing fee. Many times, the fee a county charges is more than what I charge for an entire divorce from beginning to end (and I include the fees in my price of $219 TOTAL).

There are many challenges with trying to file your own uncontested, no-fault divorce in Pennsylvania. Before looking into the paperwork needed, you should know a few things: First, call your local courthouse and ask what you will be charged for filing your divorce. Each of our 67 counties charges different amounts and those amounts are typically close to or more than I charge for a complete divorce (which is $219.00 TOTAL). 

Second, the forms available online in kits are generic and are made up by non-lawyers who are not even in Pennsylvania. Because of that, those forms do not take into account each of our 67 counties’ local Rules Of Court. If the forms do not comply when you go to file them, they may not be accepted by your Court. Ask the form provider if you will get a refund if that happens. Typically, there is no refund. And if your Court accepts the forms but later tells you they will not work, you definitely will not get a refund of the Court’s filing fee either!

Third, if you make a mistake on the forms or the way you filed them, the Court will tell you that you have made a mistake and that you must come back to the Court – more time and trouble – to correct it. When you get there, you will be given the file, but the Court clerk will not be permitted to tell you what is wrong or how to fix it because the clerk is not allowed to give any legal advice. You will need a lawyer to straighten out your case. When that happens, you will see that you were wrong about the cost of divorce in PA

I get inquiries routinely from folks who have purchased forms but find that they cannot complete their divorce for one reason or another. For me – or any other attorney – to take the time to review your case (and possibly have to make a trip or two to Court as part of the process) is always going to be more costly than to simply let an experienced low-cost no-fault divorce attorney like me handle every aspect of your divorce from beginning to end. $219.00 and traveling no further than your mailbox will end your marriage professionally and quickly with no worries or risks. You can even pay me in installments which you can send in whenever you have the money…and it would still be just $219.00. I already have all of the forms and they are also included in the $219.00. You’ll just need a pen and a couple of stamps.