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Occasionally, someone asks about getting a 3301(c) divorce. Clearly, that person saw “3301(c)” somewhere or heard someone mention it and, for some reason, it sounded like a good thing. Well, if you want a simple, uncontested, low cost, no-fault Pennsylvania divorce, a 3301(c) divorce is a very good thing. Under our law, that is the alpha-numeric title for a no-fault divorce for a couple separated less than one year. The divorce is filed, the defendant gets a copy, 90 days are then counted off after which both parties consent in writing to the divorce. Some additional papers are prepared and filed and, some time later, the judge grants the divorce.

As you can see, there is nothing mysterious or magical about a 3301(c) divorce. And, if you’ve been separated continuously for at least the last year, there would be no 90 waiting period because you would qualify for a 3301(d) divorce!