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In Pennsylvania, we have Fault and No-Fault divorce and the grounds for each are different. First of all, even the simplest uncontested Fault divorce will be expensive because a hearing is required. Getting a lawyer out of the office and into Court is never cheap. At the hearing, you would be required to testify – and have your testimony recorded – that your spouse maliciously deserted you, subjected you to cruel and barbarous treatment or serious indignities, committed adultery and/or married another person while still married to you or has been convicted of a serious crime. Indignities are the grounds usually used and really does not require outrageous behavior by your spouse; however, if your spouse shows up, that divorce stops dead. 

In a no-fault divorce, you simply sign a divorce paper that states that your marriage is irretrievably broken (meaning that the marriage is over and cannot be saved). No court appearance or testimony of any kind is required, just your spouse’s full cooperation for a simple, uncontested, low-cost, no-fault divorce.