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Divorce can be a lengthy and expensive process, but it doesn’t have to be. Many people minimize the cost and time of divorce by filing a simple, no-fault, uncontested divorce. When spouses resolve the issues between themselves and file for a no-fault divorce, they can avoid significant expense and wasted time without the need for a mediator or judge to resolve disputes.

The Advantages of Simple, Uncontested, No-Fault Divorce

The most obvious advantage of an uncontested divorce is its low cost. Such a divorce can save the parties a large amount of money. In a contested divorce, a judge must resolve disputed issues. Typically, each spouse will have an attorney. Having lawyers argue every point can result in astronomical legal fees. However, in an uncontested divorce, just one spouse retains an attorney to file the necessary documents in court and, when one is needed, to produce a written agreement, thereby saving literally thousands of dollars.

An uncontested divorce can also help to maintain a level of civility between the parties. If they have a reasonably amicable relationship or will be required to maintain any relationship following the divorce, it is best for them to try to preserve mutual respect. This is especially advantageous when minor children are involved. If the parents are able to cooperate during a divorce, the process is less stressful for everyone involved.

An uncontested divorce is much less complicated than a contested one, and the process is usually therefore completed much faster. When one spouse has filed for divorce and it is contested by the other spouse, the case may go to a hearing in court, resulting in lengthy proceedings as the sides, through their attorneys, haggle over their differences. An uncontested divorce can help to avoid arguments and court appearances, thereby ensuring more privacy.

The Benefit of Working With An Attorney

Some people assume that they will not need to hire an attorney in an uncontested divorce. But even if a divorce is uncontested, it is still best to retain an experienced family law attorney. Risks are involved in handling any divorce without the assistance of a lawyer (for example, extensive delay and/or substantial additional expense). Filing clerks are not permitted to tell a party what to do, how to do it or what may have been done incorrectly.

Some may think that self-help divorce kits are as effective as working with an attorney, or will help to save money. However, divorce kits are often created by non-lawyers from outside of Pennsylvania, who cannot customize their kits to follow local court rules and procedures for each of its 67 counties. Such divorce kits seldom include updated divorce procedures, rules and guidelines. Additionally, the quoted cost of a divorce kit usually does not include court filing costs, which can be several hundred dollars. Almost always, hiring an inexpensive divorce attorney in an uncontested divorce is the most cost-effective option.

Divorce brings with it many issues that may have far-reaching consequences for a family. For more information about a simple, no-fault, uncontested divorce, speak with an attorney.

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