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Pennsylvania Uncontested Divorce Overview

Divorce in PA, Simple, Uncontested, No-Fault

Getting divorce can be the pathway to a new and more fulfilling life. The divorce process need not be stressful or inconvenient or expensive. Money and time can both be kept to a minimum in a simple, uncontested, no-fault divorce. At Davis Divorce Law, Attorney Mike Davis has 40 years of experience in exactly this type of divorce law practice. He, in 1980, was the first lawyer to make low-cost divorces available to people all across Pennsylvania without the need to go to a lawyer’s office and without the need to appear in Court. No other lawyer has anywhere near the experience.

This is not one of those businesses that sells you some blank forms and generic instructions that usually do not work in your particular Court. When you retain us, you will be represented by an attorney, Mike Davis, and he will prepare and file all of the required documentation for you in proper form and order. This is not a do-it-yourself kit where you spend $150 to $300 for some forms and then find out you also have to pay as much as $600 in court filing fees. $219.00 is ALL you will need and you will be confident that your divorce will be 100% legitimate and valid everywhere.

Have questions? Attorney Davis will answer all of them at no charge, 1-800-486-4070. You can allso call that number to start the process or you can do it now here at our website.


Serving All Of Pennsylvania

Attorney Davis can represent you in your divorce as long as you reside in Pennsylvania or your spouse resides here, or, of course, if you both do. Yes, you could be in California and, as long as your spouse is in Pennsylvania, Attorney Davis can represent you. You will never have to travel to his office or to Court for any part of the process. The Court will require original signatures, but you will be provided all necessary documentation and you will never need to go any further than your mailbox.


Our Divorce Service Can Work For You

You can begin your new life the easy way. You will find the process so simple and stress-free that you will wish that you had begun sooner. In our $219.00 TOTAL service, you will get immediate representation from the most highly experienced no-fault divorce lawyer, Attorney Mike Davis. The $219.00 can even be paid in installments and at your own pace.

Your final decree will be the result of a professionally handled divorce process so that it will be of unquestioned legitimacy and valid literally everywhere. Low fees do not mean low quality here. Our experience sets us apart. Attorney Davis began practicing law in 1974. No no-fault divorce lawyer has anywhere that level of experience.

Contact us 24/7 at 1-800-486-4070 or do it now from this informative website.


Same Sex Divorce Is Now Our Law

As you may know, Pennsylvania recognizes same-sex marriages. Accordingly, Attorney Mike Davis can provide the same simple, uncontested, low-cost, no-fault divorce representation to same-sex couples no matter where you were married (as long as at least one of you has resided in Pennsylvania for 6 months or more).