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Divorce From Home

Get A Low-Cost Divorce From Your Home

Getting a divorce in Pennsylvania can be done without the stress, expense and hassle of going to court or even a lawyers office. If you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse can agree on the basic terms, you have done all of the important work needed to begin a simple, uncontested, no-fault divorce.

This means you don’t have to appear in a courtroom or pile up big legal fees. Indeed, with our firm’s assistance, it means you can get divorced without even leaving your home.

At Davis Divorce Law, we help people who need a low-cost divorce get one as simply and easily as possible. We have the most experience helping clients throughout Pennsylvania move forward with their family lives without running up the bill. My statewide, low-cost divorce practice began in 1980 when Pennsylvania adopted no-fault divorce (& I handled hundreds of divorces before no-fault).  Let us help you get a simple divorce for a low, fixed-rate fee of $219.00.


Can You Really Get Divorced Without Leaving Home?

Yes, you really can get divorced without going to court or even an attorney’s office. Pennsylvania law does not require either party to make a court appearance in simple, uncontested, no-fault divorce cases where both parties have agreed to end the marriage. And I designed and originated the law practice that eliminated the need for office visits.

This procedure is the best for couples who are in full agreement.

If you have children, it is still possible to get a simple divorce. You can do this in one of three ways. You can leave your custody and support arrangements as they are now. The court actually prefers that. You can work out in advance the custody and child support arrangements. Or you can agree to end the marriage now and work out the custody and support details later. Remember that the divorce only ends your marriage. It does not end your duties or rights as parents. Should circumstances change, new arrangements can be made, by agreement or through the court.


Contact Us To Make Your Low-Cost Divorce Happen

Our commitment to a fixed-rate fee of $219.00 is firm. There are no hidden charges or court costs. I cover your court fees. After all, the goal is to get divorced without going to court — or even leaving your home.

To begin the process, call us today toll free at 800-486-4070 or contact us online. Our firm can send you an information packet on how this works and then guide you through the process.