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Common Divorce Issues

Basic Issues In Simple Divorces

There are common issues that may come up in a divorce. If you have children, a custody arrangement should be worked out. It is likely you have already done this. There is no requirement in Pennsylvania that custody arrangements be either in writing or part of the divorce, but I can prepare an agreement expressing your arrangements if you prefer.

If you settle all issues about personal property or real estate or children on your own, we can provide a legally binding agreement covering them. You do not have to let a court determine child support and child custody, if you both agree to the terms. In fact, under Pennsylvania law, unlike in most states, you are not required to include anything about your children, property or money in the divorce. If you are satisfied with the present arrangements with your spouse concerning these items, no written agreement is required. Relatively few of our clients have such an agreement prepared. If one of you is to receive some type of benefit, financial, parenting or otherwise, AFTER the divorce is final, an agreement should be considered; however if you have divided everything and fully settled BEFORE the divorce is final, an agreement is usually then meaningless.


Why A Low-Cost Divorce Makes Sense

At Davis Divorce Law, we know that many couples are looking for an easy and efficient end to their marriage, not a fight. If you are one of those couples, a simple, uncontested divorcecan save you a lot of stress and a lot of money.

We are committed to making simple, uncontested, no-fault divorce available throughout Pennsylvania for the flat-rate fee of $219.00. There are no hidden fees or court costs, either. I will cover your court filing fees. Our fixed-rate fee is complete and contains no unpleasant surprises.


How This Will Work

You may be wondering whether this is too good to be true. How can you end your marriage for only a few hundred dollars?

The answer is that it isn’t necessary to pay big fees to an attorney to end your marriage in Pennsylvania. When you and your spouse are in agreement on the issues and just want to end the marriage, a simple path to divorce becomes not only possible but preferable.

We invite you to contact us today to request free information about uncontested divorce. Our toll-free number, 800-486-4070, is available 24 hours a day. You can also contact us online to receive this information.