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No-Fault, Uncontested Pennsylvania Divorce for Active Military

Active Military Personnel Divorce

Davis Divorce Law offers inexpensive, simple, uncontested no-fault divorce services to those on active military duty. If you and/or your spouse is in the full-time military and you and/or your spouse has actually resided in Pennsylvania or has had a military home-of-record in Pennsylvania for at least the last 6 months, we can help you.

No-fault divorce for active military professionals in the United States Army, United States Air Force, United States Navy, United States Marines and United States Coast Guard is no different from a no-fault divorce in Pennsylvania for a civilian. Davis Divorce Law will save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars.


Simple, Uncontested No-Fault Divorce In Pennsylvania

If you settle all issues about personal property or real estate or children on your own, we can provide a legally binding agreement covering them. You do not have to let a court determine child support and child custody, if you both agree to the terms. In fact, under Pennsylvania law, unlike in most states, you are not required to include anything about your children, property or money in the divorce. If you are satisfied with the present arrangements with your spouse concerning these items, no written agreement is required. Relatively few of our clients have such an agreement prepared. If one of you is to receive some type of benefit, financial, parenting or otherwise, AFTER the divorce is final, an agreement should be considered; however if you have divided everything and fully settled BEFORE the divorce is final, an agreement is usually then meaningless.

If you or your spouse is on active military duty and would like to use the services of Davis Divorce Law to obtain a Pennsylvania simple, uncontested, no-fault military divorce, call us today from anywhere in the world toll free at 800-486-4070. You may also request our FREE Pennsylvania Divorce Information via email. A Davis Divorce Law free information packet about Pennsylvania simple, uncontested no-fault divorce will be sent to you immediately.