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The answer depends on your (and your spouse’s) individual circumstances.  A number of questions affect the advice.  Do you both have incomes and how much and how do they compare to one another?  How many card accounts have balances?  What cards are in whose name(s)?  Are all card accounts known to both of you?  (Consider that your spouse may have cards in your spouse’s sole name and/or cards to which your name may have be added, with or without your knowledge or approval, in which case ordering credit reports can be useful.)  What is the total of your credit card debt? Are you behind in paying them?  Has your credit been damaged?  Will your spouse cooperate in paying the cards?  Does your spouse refuse to stop using any cards?  (In that event, closing down the account would be wise.) 

Obviously, everyone’s circumstances are different.  The only way to determine what course of action you should take is to discuss your case with an experienced divorce attorney.  Once the lawyer understands all of your specific issues, several plans – and their possible outcomes – can be devised.