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I loved how my divorce case was settled in a timely fashion. My ex wife threw me out of the house back at the beginning of the year and we never saw eye to eye on anything and I said I had enough and filed for divorce. We went thru the entire process and after that 90 day grave period we went and signed final papers in July and my case was settled and finalized just a few short weeks later. I got my final decree just yesterday and the final date was dated as of August 4th just about a week and a half ago. I greatly appreciate it and will be recommending your services to friends and family who are looking for divorce.

Bobby H.

I followed the instructions given to me and got exactly what I paid for at the exact price I was told. The Lawyer was very friendly and understanding. Also the process was much faster than I imagined.I am very please with the services provided to me and I am very grateful to have an end to a long and painful marriage. Thank You So Much!!!!!

Ronda R.

They help me get my divorce taken care of nicely!! Thanks guys!!

Ernest R.

Great people here, divorce was quick and easy, very affordable, never had to step a foot in court, relief! You won’t find an easier or more affordable attorney, thank you!

Jeff O.

Quick, easy and I never had to go to court or see my ex. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs this service. I cannot thank you enough for helping me through this process!Great people here, divorce was quick and easy, very affordable, never had to step a foot in court, relief! You won’t find an easier or more affordable attorney, thank you!

Linda L.

They did exactly what they said they would, I’m very happy! Thank you so much!

Meredith M.

Handled my divorce very timely and cost effectively! Would reccomend to everyone!!

Sondra W.

Thank you so, so much for handling everything in such a timely matter!! If you follow the directions, you’ll be divorced before you know it!!
I LOVED getting each envelope from you because I knew I was one step closer to everything being finalized.
Honestly, if you have trouble following simple, direct instructions, this isn’t for you. If you want a bad*** that makes moves and does it fast, Attorney Davis is the only option!

Erin H.

I had a divorce in 2005 and my experience was perfect. I followed exactly what they wanted me to do and all communication was through the mail. I received my paperwork without any problems. I will refer this company to all I know. Not to mention they didn’t burn my pockets

Keeta M.

I have used this service twice, everything done in the mail, no stress no hassle. My divorce was finalized in 7months. I was extremely satisfied with their service.

Mai M.

There’s an old saying about the three types of service: good, fast, and cheap. The person buying the service picks two while sacrificing the third. Thus, good service fast isn’t cheap; good service cheap isn’t fast; and fast service cheap isn’t good.

Mr. Davis will provide good service; you must decide if you want it fast (for a price) or cheap (more slowly).

Communications were very straightforward, forms were easy to fill out and clearly explained what was needed in order to proceed.

My divorce was completed within two months, cost me less than $300, and all I had to do was fill out 2-3 questionnaires and sign some forms. Well worth the peace of mind knowing it was done correctly instead of trying to file pro se and worrying about making a procedural error.

My only regret is not finding Mr. Davis and his firm sooner!

David L.

If you READ and FOLLOW every step, you’ll have the easiest and smoothest process ever! All costs were upfront with numerous additional options and the fees for each. From the time I filed until my divorce was final was under 5 months. Very impressed with the services I received! Thanks so much!

Melody R.

If his practice is the right situation like it was for me and my ex, this is a very affordable option. Be sure to read each and every piece of correspondence you get and it will make it smooth for you. Skimming or missing something delays and cost you more money. Thank you Davis Divorce Law…

Jim T.

Handled my case with great speed and care. Very professional in all contact,and reasonable prices. Would have cost me twice as much to do this on my own. Thank you sir.

Jim W.

Everything went very smoothly and very affordable!! I would recommend to anyone! Just follow the step by step instructions and your divorce will be final in no time!

Linda G.

Michael E Davis, is Excellent!!! My divorce went quickly and smoothly.

Cindy G.

Used this for both divorces. Time period is right on. Would request this group to all

Denise R.

Quick and great service. Deserves 10 stars **********

Amliy F.

These guys don’t mess around!! I’m very very satisfied so far

Mandi R.

Completely thrilled with the service I have recieved from this divorce attorney. Everything is so easy to handle and he gets the job done quick. Id give 100 stars if I could. 🙂

Tahara T.