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When one (or even both) parties to a divorce are in the full-time military service, filing a divorce in Pennsylvania may still be possible even when one party (or both) are stationed, based or posted outside of Pennsylvania…even outside of the USA or even serving for an extended time at sea. What is required is that either one of the parties or both parties have Pennsylvania legitimately entered on the military record as “home of record”.

If that is the case, either party may file the divorce in Pennsylvania and the way I will handle your divorce (and the fees) will be the same as if you were actually in Pennsylvania. The mail between us will take a little longer, but the process will be exactly the same.

By the same token, if either party to the divorce has a military home of record outside of Pennsylvania but is stationed, based or posted within Pennsylvania and has been for at least every day of the past six months (or longer), then either party may file the divorce in Pennsylvania just as may someone living here who is not in the military. Of course, if neither party has been in Pennsylvania for the past six months AND neither party has Pennsylvania as a military home of record, then a divorce may NOT be filed in Pennsylvania.

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