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There are many advantages to wrapping up a divorce quickly and as painlessly as possible. Utilizing a simplified divorce process can help you move on with your life, prevent you from having to take part in invasive and time consuming courtroom proceedings, and save you thousands in legal fees.

A simple, uncontested no-fault divorce might be the best way to wrap up your marriage and move on to your new single life in an efficient, cost-effective manner. While an uncontested, no-fault divorce can save you time and money, you should be cautious about do-it-yourself divorce “kits” or “forms.” There are many reasons why you should only get a divorce, even a simplified divorce, with the help of an experienced attorney. In Pennsylvania, one of the primary reasons is local rules of court.

Pennsylvania Has Statewide Rules As Well As Local Court Rules In Its 67 Counties

Pennsylvania has 67 different counties. Of course, like all states, Pennsylvania has its own statewide rules of civil procedure, but each of the 67 counties also has a unique set of their own local court rules. These rules govern important aspects of a divorce case, such as correct formatting and how and where paperwork must be filed. To be successful, even a simple, uncontested no-fault divorce must adhere to procedural requirements.

The problem with do-it-yourself kits and forms is that they are typically generated out of state; most of these do-it-yourself options fail to even take into account nuances of Pennsylvania law, let alone local rules of court in Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. Investigate and you will find that DIY divorce kits are seldom prepared by attorneys and in the rare instances when they are, the attorney is not a Pennsylvania lawyer and/or has little or no experience with Pennsylvania law or the state and county Rules Of Court. Moreover, if you make any mistake in any part of the process, your case will stop dead. The Court’s clerk will tell you that an error has been made but the clerk is prohibited by law from advising you how to correct it. You will even be shown a notice hanging in the office informing you that the clerks cannot give advice. When you run afoul of a major local rule of court and have to start all over with your divorce case, a do-it-yourself option like a kit or forms that was supposed to save you money can actually end up costing you a substantial sum in addition to dragging things out longer than necessary. People selling these kits are literally printing up a few generic forms and very general instructions – neither of which are all that likely to work in your particular county – then charging you far too much for a few cents worth of paper. Compare that charge AND your local court costs to the TOTAL charge of an advertising Pennsylvania No-fault Divorce attorney. You will be surprised which costs more.

A Low Cost, Quick Divorce Is Available With The Help Of A Pennsylvania Lawyer

If you want a simple, quick and inexpensive divorce in Pennsylvania, you do have options. But make the right choice: do not sink time and money into do-it-yourself kits and forms that are likely to fail anyway.

Since do-it-yourself divorce still requires you to pay court costs, in many cases getting an attorney to complete a simple, uncontested no-fault divorce is even cheaper than it would be to try to struggle through the process alone, since your attorney’s all inclusive fee generally will include court costs. Furthermore, unlike forms or a kit, a divorce lawyer is licensed in Pennsylvania – thus is fully answerable to the courts – and is there to answer your questions.

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