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It is an unfortunate fact that half of all marriages end in divorce (and three out of four ends whenever stepchildren are part of the picture). It is all but impossible for both people to decide at the same time that they want the divorce. One may see it coming, but one will want it before the other. If a couple argues hard, loudly and often, then it is unlikely either would be surprised by the announcement, but if one party becomes increasingly unhappy over time and never lets on to the other, then asking for a divorce could be devastating.

It is human nature to beat around the bush and take far too long to make one’s desire to end the marriage known to the other spouse, but, if one thinks about it, would you like to find out that your spouse has wanted to end it for a long time but just could not find the way to say so? The delay wastes part of both lives and is thus truly unkind.

Now, this doesn’t mean that it is something to blurt out at an inappropriate time or occasion. It is unlikely that anyone knows your spouse better than you, but that won’t necessarily make it easy. It could be received with sorrow, surprise or anger…or all three.

It may be wise to consider speaking with an experienced divorce lawyer before you make the announcement. It could pay you dividends to know what spouses have done upon receiving such news, allowing you to prepare. It is a very emotional thing, but it can also be important to consider the legal and practical possibilities in advance and a good lawyer can, in complete confidence, help you to understand these things and even, after learning about you, your spouse and your marriage, suggest how, when and where to break the news.

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