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If any of you are fans of old movies, you could be familiar with a scene in which a husband asks for a divorce and his wife refuses to give it to him. The frustrated husband announces that if she will not allow the divorce, he has no choice other than to hop on the next flight to Mexico where he will file a divorce and the wife will not be able to stop it.

Well, as one should expect, that is dramatic fiction. Oh, yes, it is possible to file for divorce in another country and, assuming one complies with the laws of that country, it may even become final. It might even be legal here in the USA and in Pennsylvania but only if certain legal steps are taken, which must include the other spouse’s cooperation, to confirm the foreign divorce. Otherwise, that foreign divorce decree will teeter on the brink of illegality. More importantly, if it went down like the melodrama scene set forth above wherein the other spouse does not want to be divorced, that spouse can take legal action to repudiate and render null and void that foreign divorce decree. So, hope you enjoyed your little vacation down there.

 There can be a legitimate need for a foreign divorce, but only when both parties are on board with it. And then it is an expensive, luxury type process. Such a circumstance would be this, for example: The spouses have been separated for many years and one recently found a new significant other and they want to get married and go out of the country for an extended honeymoon. That spouse contacts the other to confirm that the foreign divorce is acceptable and upon finding out that it is, arrangements are made for airfare, hotels, a foreign lawyer to handle the divorce and an officiant to conduct the marriage ceremony and the new couple flies away, lands, processes the divorce (once again, with the other spouse’s consent), gets married and moves into their deluxe honeymoon suite.

 So, yes, if everyone is on board, it can be done, just like in those old movies… but you will need a movie star’s huge salary to make it happen and a soon-to-be ex-spouse who will not ruin it for you when you get home by having the foreign divorce “thrown out of court”.