Davis Divorce Law is open, processing current divorces and accepting new clients. Click here to read the full statement.

An uncontested divorce through my office can be as low as $219.00 (including court costs) and my clients often pay in installments, the first being as low as $25.00. If money is tight for you, every time you receive a step in the divorce process from me, you can take as long as you want to return it to me.

After 30 days, I will mail you a reminder, but that is not to get you to pay before you are able. Its purpose is just to make sure that you received that step. You can pay for necessities like food and rent and send money to me for your divorce when you can. You may take as much time to save up for the next amount due as you wish or need. It is your divorce and I will handle it for you as your purse or wallet allows.

If you have things to settle I can help you. I urge you to call me, Monday through Friday, noon to 3 PM, toll-free at 1-800-486-4070, BEFORE you begin your case, for an absolutely free consultation about your particular situation. Alternatively, you can read our free information guide which answers many questions you may have before your divorce.