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Quick Answer:

How soon can I remarry after my Pennsylvania divorce?

Occasionally, a client asks me how soon after the client’s divorce is final she or he may remarry. Legally, as soon as you receive your certified divorce decree, you may obtain a new marriage license (or certificate, depending on what the particular office issuing it chooses to call it) and get married again immediately. Just remember that you will need your certified decree in hand when you apply and that, although I’ve never seen it done in tens of thousands of cases I have personally handled, your ex does have 30 days from the date on the final decree to file exceptions to it.

Many of my clients – and probably many of all folks going through or thinking of divorce – say that they are done with marriage. Since the vast majority do remarry (many getting a divorce just so they can marry someone else), relatively few people give up on trying it again. Once in a while I’m asked how soon may one remarry after the divorce is final. Legally, one may apply for a new marriage license before the ink is dry on one’s divorce decree. Just bear in mind that you will need that decree when you go to get your new license and crazy things have happened to delay decrees on very, very rare occasions, like a judge becoming ill. So the soundest advice is do not put the cart before the horse and schedule your new wedding and reception until you are actually single.

Also extremely rare is the possibility of a legal action called filing exceptions to the final decree within 30 days of the decree being signed by the judge. How rare? In the literally tens of thousands of the divorces I have handled since 1980, not even one party has filed such an exception. Just the same, it is still “on the books” as a possibility that a vengeful spouse could use to upset your plans. Thankfully, most recently divorced people have no idea that could be done.

All that said, based upon my unusually extensive experience, remarrying immediately after one’s divorce is final is a statistically very safe bet.