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How long a cheap, no-fault uncontested divorce takes is a very frequent question and the answer depends on a few things, some of which can be controlled and some of which cannot be controlled.

One of the things beyond control is the required-by-law 90-day waiting period if the divorcing couple is not separated or has been separated for less than one year. (Yes, it is now just one year. In the past it had been two – and, further back – three years). I hear all the time folks describing this as a “90-day divorce”, but that is simply not the way it works. There are things, legal and administrative, that must be done both before and after the 90 day period. And it is a “waiting” period, not as some people seem to have heard, a “separation” period. Accordingly, parts of or the entire 90 days may be spent under the same or under separate roofs.

Therefore, if your circumstance requires the 90-day wait, the question becomes one of how quickly things can be made to happen before and after the 90 days. That depends on the experience, knowledge, and skill of the lawyer you select to handle your case. In my law office, we have been handling no-fault divorces for 40 years and really know how to cut down on that “before and after” time, typically just a week or two on each end.

Next question: “What if we HAVE been apart over one year?” Once again, the experience, knowledge, and skill of your low-cost no-fault divorce attorney are the most important things in saving time. As there would be no 90-day waiting period, the quick and accurate preparation of the documents, obtaining the necessary signatures and the expeditious filing of those documents are all essential to speeding your divorce through the Court. No one does it as quickly and accurately as I. One of these cases – and this is NOT typical – took only four days! That client used Express Mail at every turn and was extraordinarily lucky that the Judge wasn’t busy when the final paper was put on his desk to sign. Two to three weeks, beginning to end is the reasonable expectation.