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Quick Answer:

How Long After An Uncontested Divorce Can I Remarry?

After your divorce is final and you have your divorce decree, you can remarry as soon as you’d like. You will need the divorce decree you receive to apply for your new marriage license, and it’s included in my fees.

Believe it or not, someone who gets divorced may remarry before the ink is dry on the divorce decree. There is a 30 day period that begins with the date on the decree during which either party to the divorce may file something called  “exceptions” to the decree, but in the tens of thousands of divorces I have completed, I have not seen it done even once and applying for a new marriage license on the day the divorce is final is allowed.

One of the items one needs to have to apply for a marriage license is a certified copy of the divorce decree and that is something each one of my clients always receives as part of my fees.

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