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To qualify for a fast Pennsylvania divorce under our current law, you must have spent every day and night of the past year living under a different roof than your spouse; otherwise, our law imposes a 90 day waiting period on a no-fault divorce. In my experience, most couples have not been separated that long when they decide to divorce, so that 90 day waiting period really slows down what might have been a fast Pennsylvania divorce. When you consider that there are things to accomplish both before and after those 90 days, that fast Pennsylvania divorce really slows down.

But, that’s our law. The reason behind the 90 day wait is that our kindly state lawmakers insist on you having plenty of time to kiss, make up and…stay married. That’s right. Our politicians decided that you should not have a fast Pennsylvania divorce. I have represented literally hundreds of thousands of folks in the past 40 years and, take it from me, that 90 day wait does not end in anyone deciding to get back together. It just angers them that it keeps them from getting a fast Pennsylvania divorce.

On the other hand, those of you separated for over one year actually can get a fast Pennsylvania divorce. You just have to find a lawyer who knows how to provide a fast Pennsylvania divorce to his clients who qualify. For a lawyer to provide a fast Pennsylvania divorce, the lawyer needs to know how to think “outside of the box”. I do. While this example is not typical, the fastest fast Pennsylvania divorce I provided to a client took 4 – yes, four – days! That did include a lot of express mail and finding the judge with nothing else on his desk at the exactly right time, but it did happen.

More often, my fast Pennsylvania divorce service takes about 3 weeks, fully cooperative spouses and quick handling of the paperwork. Of course, no one can get a fast Pennsylvania divorce unless and until she or he starts a divorce action. I’m here and ready whenever you are. If you’re unsure whether you qualify for a fast Pennsylvania divorce, you can call me during business hours at 1-800-486-4070 to discuss your specific circumstances.