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The answer to the need for notarization in a Pennsylvania divorce is “no”… and “yes”. Like so many things in life, this is another “never say never” issue. 

Pennsylvania state law does not have any requirement that the usual documents in a divorce be notarized. Once again, that is state law. Any of our 67 counties and their judges may require notarization of certain divorce documents. Why? Keep reading. 

I am personally aware of two divorces wherein the parties who filed the divorces had persons with forged identification sign their spouses’ names on a critical divorce document and that was in a county that required notarization! Both of those cases were actually granted. Ultimately, the parties whose signatures were forged found out – for the first time – that a divorce had been filed AND was granted! Of course, those divorces could have been stricken from the Court record, but at great expense/or lawyer fees. Accordingly, except in such extreme cases, notarization helps prevent such frauds.