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Quick Answer:

Do You Need A Reason For A Pennsylvania Divorce?

Yes, you need a reason to get divorced in Pennsylvania; however, for a No-Fault divorce, you just have to state, under oath, that you have an irretrievably broken marriage. You will not, however, be required to give any details as to why your marriage has become unacceptable to continue. Your reasons will remain completely private.

Before any state allowed No-Fault divorce, there was just Fault divorce. In Pennsylvania, we have both kinds and “faults” for a Fault divorce are, for example, desertion, adultery, cruel and barbarous treatment, being convicted of a serious crime and so forth. You get the picture: Really bad behavior. No-Fault means just that. A divorce is wanted and no one will be blamed, but you still must sign a document, under oath, stating that the marriage is “irretrievably broken” or, put another way, the marriage has gotten very, very bad and cannot be saved. 

You might say that of course, the marriage must be bad or the couple would not want to be divorced; however, couples have tried to get divorced for other reasons. There are instances where the married couple could receive higher benefits or pay less taxes if they were not married. Insurance or better insurance, be it health, home or auto, could become available or be less expensive if some couples were no longer married. Yes, those examples are far and away the exception and not the rule, but they do happen and they demonstrate that while you do not need to accuse your spouse of bad behavior for a No-Fault divorce, you do have to have a broken, unfixable marriage to get one.