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If your divorce will be contested (meaning that your spouse will not cooperate or you want assets, financial or otherwise, which your spouse will not agree to give to you or vice-verse, or one or the other of you simply does not want to be divorced), either of you has the right to insist that the divorce be filed in the county where you reside in Pennsylvania.  That is almost always the most convenient place because your presence in court is likely to be required from time to time and traveling to a less convenient county seat makes little sense.  By the same token, you would not want to pay your lawyer to travel – whether working on your case or driving, the lawyer’s hourly fee will be the same – so filing a contested case locally through a local lawyer makes the most sense.

But if the two of you are in full agreement in your divorce, you can choose your lawyer (and county) and save money on legal fees and court costs and neither you nor your spouse would ever have to travel further than your mailbox.  No court appearances, no law office appointments, no travel at all.   It’s perfectly legal – and extremely simple and convenient – and I have been handling simple, low-cost, uncontested no-fault divorces that way since I originated the system of state-wide divorce practice 40 years ago.