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January is the most popular time to divorce as people reassess their goals

The beginning of the new year also marks, for many, the beginning of their new life as a soon-to-be single person. January has become known as ‘Divorce Month,’ according to MarketWatch, because of the big surge in divorce filings that occur at the beginning of the year. The increased interest in divorce at this time of year, which can be explained by a variety of factors, tends to stay relatively high well into March.

Why so many divorces?

Experts say that divorce filings in January tend to increase by a third, with the first Monday of the month seeing the biggest jump. Those high figures are maintained well into the winter until about the time tax season rolls around. In fact, many file for divorce in January with the hope of having their divorce finalized before filing taxes in April-that way they can avoid filing jointly with a soon-to-be ex-spouse.

The main reason behind the increase, however, is that most people who intended to divorce in the previous year have simply delayed taking the big step until the holidays are over. Especially for couples that have children, there may also be a sense of guilt about pursuing a divorce over the holiday season. Additionally, gaining access to the courts can be difficult during December due to shorter operating hours.

A new opportunity

For many, however, the new year is filled with a sense of potential and opportunity, which may mean having to reassess whether a current relationship is still working. Plenty of people who file for divorce early in the year are eager to restart their lives anew. In fact, just as tellingly is the fact that January also happens to be the peak month for new registrations on many dating sites.

However, as CBS MoneyWatch points out, many divorcing spouses can get dragged down into a lengthy and expensive divorce through what has been dubbed the “emotional tax.” Far too often one or both spouses may try to take revenge on their ex-spouse by getting embroiled in a needlessly complicated divorce case. Seeking revenge almost never works for either spouse’s benefit. Experts say that when it comes to divorce, which is just as much a financial breakup as a romantic one, emotions need to be left at the door as much as possible in order to avoid greater financial toil and heartache in the future.

Fast, affordable divorce

For many people, of course, the main concern going into divorce is the cost and time divorces typically take. The cost of divorce can be intimidating, but it should never hold anybody back from pursuing the life they want and deserve. In fact, by reaching out to the right family law attorney, anybody considering a divorce will find that it is perfectly possible to get through the process quickly and without spending a fortune.

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