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Divorce Kits/Forms

We are not a “kit” or “forms” provider. As your attorney, I, Michael E. Davis represent you in court. I prepare, provide, and file all documents in court.

We know that kits and forms are available. In some states, they can work. In Pennsylvania, however, in addition to statewide court rules, each of our 67 counties has its own local court rules. Kits and forms cannot provide for all variations. In fact, since most kit and form providers are not even located in Pennsylvania, they do not even know about county-to-county variations  and therefore cannot and will not help you when their forms fall short. In addition, if you add court costs to the price of a kit or of forms, the total generally exceedsour low total charge, which includes court costs. Court filing fees, depending upon which county is chosen for the divorce, can be as high as $328.50 or more! I will cover your filing fees in the divorce I file for you.

Kit and form providers are seldom attorneys. In such cases, if the information provided is inaccurate or incomplete, those providers — unlike attorneys — are not even answerable to the Court. Since they are not licensed as attorneys are, you will likely have spent your money for a few worthless pieces of paper. They are indeed “too good to be true.” Finally, if you try to file on your own and make a mistake, the court’s clerks are not permitted to advise you how to correct it and what you will have spent would be lost.

If you bought a do-it-yourself divorce and have come to a frustrating dead end trying to make it work, we can re-file for you and get you divorced. We can even suggest government agencies that can help you get your money back. I have never heard of a kit that will cost as little as my $219 total charge once the price of the kit and local court filing fees are added up.


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