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Considering a lawyer other than Davis Divorce Law?  Wait!

1. Davis Divorce Law is the original and first statewide, low-cost, no-fault divorce law office. Others have copied me, in many
instances WORD FOR WORD! We handled our first such case in 1980 when Pennsylvania first allowed such

2. Unlike others, I handle only divorces, not as a sideline like others, and do so AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.

3. With over 40 years experience, I know how long a divorce usually takes and MY time estimates start with your FIRST
PAYMENT – as low as $25 – NOT after you have paid in full, like other firms.

4. Unlike other firms, your divorce gets filed in Court and papers sent for your spouse BEFORE you are paid in full.

5. Other firms charge $75 extra if you or your spouse filed a divorce previously. I make NO additional charge in such
cases (but you must tell me about any such case, of course, so I can take care of that for you).

6. I offer FREE LIVE initial consultations on my toll-free 800 line with me, Attorney Mike Davis, before you start so you
know your rights and how the process works. Emergency consultations by phone are also free. Others DO NOT tell
you what non-emergency consultations will cost you. For my $20 fee, I have talked countless times to client for over a
half hour! And writing to me is ALWAYS free. I answer letters within a day or two.

7. Unlike others, I will handle and advise you concerning all communications from your spouse or a lawyer.

8. Unlike others, I do offer negotiation services.

9. Unlike others, I have helpful and successful advice should your spouse be or become uncooperative. Just tell me
what the problem is or may be and I will lay out clearly all possible alternatives for you.

10. Unlike others, neither I – nor the court – need your date of birth.

11. Unlike others, I DO NOT care if either of you are in the full-time military as long as at least one of you is in Pennsylvania or
has a home of record here. It’s just not the big deal others make of it.

12. Unlike others, it’s OK if you BOTH live in Pennsylvania, not just one of you (which is also OK).

13. Unlike others, I tell you up front that your spouse will have to sign at least one document, NOT simply RECEIVE it as
others say. For a low-cost no-fault divorce, THE LAW AND THE COURT require that your spouse sign, NOT just be
“served” as others say. So, PAYING EXTRA to have someone “serve” your spouse OR using certified mail will NOT get
you your divorce as others say and is simply requiring you to spend more money for no result.

14. Unlike others, therefore, who charge $20 for first class mail to your spouse, $25 for certified mail or $30 for restricted
delivery certified mail, we will simply use ordinary first class mail at no additional charge.

15. Unlike others, I do NOT require your exact date of separation. You can get your divorce even if you are NOT
separated AT ALL. (It is true that to get a divorce without the law’s 90 day waiting period, you will have to be apart for
over one year.)

16. Unlike others, the fastest divorce I handled took four days (not 14); however, you have to remember that how quickly
you AND your spouse act AND how busy the Court is greatly affect the usual total time. I know speed is important
to you, and it is to me too, but I promise that you will feel much better once you begin the process.

17. Unlike others, I do NOT require you to pay “up front” for any additional services you may want. You may pay for such
services during your divorce as it progresses.

18. Unlike others who tell you it is fine to have your spouse’s name removed from your deed AFTER your divorce is final,
be advised that it is an ABSOLUTE MUST that, for your legal protection, you have your spouse’s name removed from
your deed (where it has been decided that you, not your spouse, will receive the real estate) BEFORE the divorce is
final! Should your spouse decide, after the divorce, NOT to be removed from the deed, even if that is in a written
agreement, you will have several extremely difficult legal and practical problems, not the least of which would be
having an ex-spouse who owns half of the real estate AND has a right to live there!