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There are times when the divorce process is necessarily long. Some couples have complicated estates that must be divided carefully. Child custody proceedings can also be lengthy.

But a significant number of divorces take longer than they need to simply because couples have unresolved anger and grief toward one another. Even if the divorce details are simple and straightforward, some couples will engage in lengthy and expensive legal battles over easily replaceable property, or will raise other disagreements which are more punitive than practical. This ends up hurting both spouses by making the divorce far more expensive and acrimonious than it needs to be.

Thankfully, there are better and cheaper ways to channel your divorce-related anger. A recent news article discussed one woman’s creative business venture that allows anyone to work out their frustrated feelings in a very primal way. The business, called Tantrums LLC, is essentially a warehouse that allows customers to smash and break items with their chosen tools of destruction.

Common items include non-working electronics, glassware, chairs and anything else that can be smashed. Customers pay by the minute. And with advance notice, the company can even set up a themed room based on customer specifications.

To be sure, activities like this are not a substitute for counseling or anything else one may need to cope with divorce, but venting anger in creative ways could help someone avoid engaging in unnecessary and punitive divorce litigation (when negotiation would be more effective). That, in turn, could lower costs and simplify the process.

It’s unclear if there is a business like “Tantrums” here in Pennsylvania. But Pennsylvania does offer very affordable rates for couples seeking simple, uncontested, no-fault divorce. In fact, at Davis Divorce Law, we are able to help couples finalize simple, uncontested, no-fault divorces for just $219.

This article was written by a third party as general information, not by Davis Divorce Law.