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Claiming Dependents on Your Taxes After Divorce

Quick Answer: When can I claim my children on my taxes after my divorce? If you know your ex well enough that you are certain you will never have a problem deciding who will be able to claim your child year after year, then you may be able to successfully forgo having...

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Paying Child Support After Losing My Job

Quick Answer: Do I have to pay child support after losing my job? It is an unfortunate fact of life that we can lose our job and source of income at any time and through no fault of our own. That occurrence, however, does not relieve us of our legal duty to support...

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COVID-19 and Davis Divorce Law

WE ARE OPEN!  Davis Divorce Law is open and operating daily as usual.  If you are already a client, your divorce action will continue as originally planned without delay.  If you want to start your divorce and become a client, we are accepting new cases and will...

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