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Paying For A Divorce Out Of A Joint Account

I know of a situation wherein Spouse A was married to Spouse B and they had a joint checking account. Either A or B could write checks on the account without the knowledge or permission of the other. A went to work every day, with the checkbook, while B stayed home...

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Dissolution of Marriage in Pennsylvania

Quick Answer: What is a Dissolution of Marriage in Pennsylvania? "Dissolution" of a marriage may be the legal label in other states, but in Pennsylvania, it is and always has been "divorce", both as the name and the process itself.  If you see the term "dissolution"...

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Can I Force My Spouse To Take A Drug Test

Quick Answer: Can I force my spouse to take a drug test? While a Court might require a parent to be tested for drugs in a custody case where that person's fitness to be a parent is important to know, forcing such testing in a divorce action, especially a low-cost,...

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