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Automatic Divorce in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania enabled no-fault divorce in 1980. Back then, if a couple was living separately and apart for three or more years, two things were different from situations with a shorter separation. First, such a divorce would not have the required 90 day waiting period...

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When May You Get A Pennsylvania Annulment?

We have all heard different stories about how some people whom we may know, know of, or heard about, either firsthand or from someone other than one of the former spouses or even from TV, books or newspapers, or other writings, got an annulment instead of a divorce....

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Do I Have To Get Divorced Where I Got Married?

It is a common misconception that a divorce has to be filed where the marriage took place. That is not the case and never has been! A divorce is a legal action. Legal actions may be filed only in the jurisdiction (your state, NOT your county) where one resides. By...

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How Long For a Military Divorce in PA?

Distance is the only variable that can affect the timeline of a low-cost, simple, uncontested, no-fault divorce when one or both parties is/are in full-time United States military service. Why? Because once the file is open and the case begins, all documents must be...

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Grandparents Rights in PA

The most important factor to keep in mind as to whether or not a grandparent has any physical custody rights regarding a grandchild is that if both parents agree that allowing a grandparent such rights is NOT in the child's best interests, the grandparent is unlikely...

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