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How Long For a Military Divorce in PA?

Distance is the only variable that can affect the timeline of a low-cost, simple, uncontested, no-fault divorce when one or both parties is/are in full-time United States military service. Why? Because once the file is open and the case begins, all documents must be...

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Grandparents Rights in PA

The most important factor to keep in mind as to whether or not a grandparent has any physical custody rights regarding a grandchild is that if both parents agree that allowing a grandparent such rights is NOT in the child's best interests, the grandparent is unlikely...

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Is Child Support Tax Deductible in PA?

Whenever a parent asks me if child support in Pennsylvania is tax-deductible, I usually tell the client this story: A few decades ago, one of the financial aspects of settling a divorce was the fact that Pennsylvania law required divorcing parents to provide for the...

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