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There are many things that a person can do to get divorced. Many individuals end up seeking advice, and find themselves mentally preparing for a time-consuming and emotionally-draining process. They are unaware of any of the other options that may be available and feel that this is the only way that they can end their marriage.

A simple, uncontested no-fault divorce is an option that many couples do not completely understand. They may see advertisements for companies offering services for “do it yourself” divorces. These companies offer little guidance throughout the process, and leave the couple to complete and file the forms with the courts on their own.

In places like Pennsylvania, where there can be differences between each county’s courts, it can lead to serious problems and confusion. If no one is there to answer the questions they have or help them file their forms, it can lead to the divorce becoming more time consuming.

In a simple, uncontested divorce, an attorney will file all of the documents in court. This means that the individuals can be sure that the paperwork is being filled out and filed correctly, allowing the divorce to be quickly resolved by the court. In fact, the parties can have their divorce completed without even having to appear in court. The attorney can handle all of this on their behalf.

Confidentiality is another benefit provided by an uncontested divorce. An attorney can help ensure that these divorces remain private, which is extremely important in some circumstances. It also helps reduce the number of people trying to get involved in the process, which can make things much more complicated.

Most couples do not want to sit through a long and expensive court battle as part of their divorce. They know they want to end their relationship, and they want to move on with their lives as soon as possible. They know the issues that they need to address, and they have agreed to all items of concern. To spend the time litigating these issues will only add to the stress that they are feeling.

If you are thinking about filing for divorce, speak an experienced uncontested divorce attorney to learn more about the procedure. This will allow you to gain a complete understanding of what an uncontested divorce is, and how this may be the best option for you to quickly and efficiently end your marriage.

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