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Quick Answer:

Can I Get An Annulment in Pennsylvania?

Not being married very long or never consummating your marriage are not reasons for an annulment (but can be used for a religious annulment), as is commonly portrayed in movies. Drunk, drugged, forced, too close by blood or spouse failed to disclose impotency or sterility? Those will work, but only if you file for an annulment immediately.

Annulment keeps popping up as a hot topic. Folks seem to like to be able to say, “Oh, we had our marriage annulled. We didn’t want a – gasp – divorce.” You may have even have had several people tell you that they had their marriage annulled in Pennsylvania, but chances are you’re not being told the whole story… just the part they want you to hear.

Court annulments are very rare compared to divorces and have NOTHING to do with not being married very long or not consummating the marriage, neither of which qualifies anyone for an annulment from a Pennsylvania Court of Law.

So, what are these people talking about? Here it is: First, they get a quick, low-cost Pennsylvania no-fault divorce handled in such a way that it never shows up in any newspaper or online. Then they go to their clergyperson and see what they need to do and pay for a RELIGIOUS annulment. Such an annulment is real, but it is just not ordered by a judge in Court. Then, when the discussion comes down to how the marriage ended, only the annulment is mentioned… but not that it was issued religiously. And that is OK, but you need to get your divorce first and if I handle it, it will not appear in any newspaper nor online and not even the people working in your local court will know about it, only the people you tell. It will be kept completely private through my site, padivorce.com.