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Everyone has read stories about a divorce that is spiraling out of control, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars as the couple fights over every single thing. Custody of the children, spousal support and property division can be extremely expensive and time-consuming if the parties are focused on going to court. Parties who can resolve these issues on their own can remove most of the stress from the process while saving those thousands of dollars.

As you may know, Pennsylvania now recognizes and allows same-sex marriage. Accordingly, the Court has advised that a divorce can be granted to a same-sex couple married in Pennsylvania or in any other jurisdiction, state or country where the marriage was legal at the time of the ceremony.

Many divorces involve issues which need attention. Perhaps the most difficult aspect of any divorce is the child custody agreement. If the parties can work out a parenting plan on their own in a Pennsylvania divorce, all issues involving children need not even be mentioned at all in the process. Parties know their situation better than anyone else ever will, and the agreements they make regarding custody can take a lot of animosity out of the divorce, especially if they have been separated long enough to be satisfied with the custody arrangements and do not want to alter them.

Property division is the next hurdle to overcome. Without casting blame, a couple who can fairly decide who gets what can save many thousands in legal fees. Remember that in Pennsylvania fighting in court over assets will result in the court’s dividing them up in an economically fair (not necessarily equal) manner without regard to who is at fault but rather considering who needs more, based upon respective incomes and/or earning potential and other economic considerations.

Many companies offer the opportunity to purchase internet forms to handle the complexities of a divorce. One of the main disadvantages of such forms is that they are almost never tailored to a specific state and county. Most forms or kits are not even drafted by an attorney, and, when they are, seldom are the lawyers licensed to practice in Pennsylvania. Not only would the parties not become divorced, there would be no refund and they would end up spending more than if they had retained an affordable Pennsylvania divorce attorney.

A divorce can be as expensive as the parties want it to be. If they are set on fighting over every detail, they will be in for a long, expensive court battle. Even then, there is no guarantee that each will end tip with what is wanted. They may find that they have spent a lot of time, emotional energy and money for nothing.

A simple, uncontested, no-fault divorce allows the spouses to end their marriage efficiently. There is no fighting over the children or the house, and they have the satisfaction of knowing they have made an agreement that works for them. This can help them move forward with their lives and help them to emerge from their divorce with as little damage to their financial conditions as possible, perhaps having spent no more than what is costs for 2 or 3 trips to the grocery store.

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