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$219 Uncontested, No-Fault Divorce

Divorce doesn’t have to be expensive. Get started for as little as $25, and complete your divorce for only $219 (including filing costs) with a simple, uncontested Pennsylvania divorce.

Years of Experience


Our Low Complete Cost

Court Costs Included
$219 total, with the court’s filing fees included in that $219 amount. I know where and how to save my clients money.
Stay At Home

It doesn’t matter in which Pennsylvania county you or spouse reside, you’ll go no further than your own mailbox for the entire process.

Flexible Payment Options
Your case proceeds in steps, and for $25 you can start the first one. Take as much time between steps as you like.
Not A Kit
I’m not selling papers & directions for you to try to figure out. I’m your attorney & I will represent you and file all of the documents.
Attorney Michael Davis
Attorney Michael Davis
A proud member of the only law school class in Pennsylvania history of which all classmates passed the bar exam on the very first try, Attorney Davis is the lawyer in Pennsylvania who originally developed the first true low-cost, no-fault, no travel divorce practice. No other attorney has anywhere near his level of specific practice development or number of clients over the years since 1980 when Pennsylvania first allowed no-fault divorce. He has earned and maintained an A+ rating statewide with the Better Business Bureau and Google and Facebook list his numerous 5 Star reviews.

Getting a Pennsylvania No-Fault Divorce

You have decided it’s time to move on and put an official end to a marriage that’s really been over for some time now.  It does not have to cost much.  It does not have to be difficult to do.  It does not have to stress you out. You’re just looking forward to a new and better life. And you do not have to do this alone.

I’m Attorney Mike Davis and I’ll help you every step of the way.  First of all, in addition to my being your lawyer, you definitely are not alone in making this significant decision in your life. Divorce used to be expensive, draining emotionally and even embarrassing. In the past, you had to go to Court and explain, in detail, why you wanted to be divorced. Because of this, many, many unhappy souls stayed in loveless, unfulfilling, dead end marriages. And it was the fault of our 200 year old divorce laws. Now, with a simple, uncontested, no-fault divorce, once the two of you decide to end old lives and begin new ones, it can be accomplished quietly, inexpensively and without leaving home or work.  Now unhappily married folks can move on, quietly and reasonably comfortably.

  • HOW MUCH? – $219 total…complete! $219 will cover my fees and the court filing fees. Different places have different court charges. Don’t worry. I have it covered for you. $219 is all you will have to pay. My A+ rating statewide with the Better Business Bureau backs me up on that.
  • INSTALLMENT PAYMENTS – Can’t swing all $219 at once? No worries. $25 will get you started and get you through the first step. And when you get the next step and you find that you need to spend your funds on something else, again, no problem. Send the next step when you are ready. I will never contact to tell you that you must send me your next step or payment.
  • HOW LONG? – At this point, your divorce will go one of two directions, depending on when the two of you began living at different addresses. If you have been separated less than one year, 90 days must pass after the divorce is filed and your spouse gets a copy. Then you both will sign a document – and keep in mind that I will prepare all of the paperwork and carefully explain exactly what you must do with it and when – and then I can ask the judge to grant your divorce.
  • SEPARATED OVER ONE YEAR? – If you have resided under separate roofs for every day of at least the past 12 months, your divorce is filed, your spouse gets a copy and there is NO waiting period and only one signature required from your spouse. Don’t worry about needing proof of your separation time. All the Court needs is your sworn statement on an affidavit I’ll provide to you. (Of course, it must be accurate or your divorce would be defective.)
  • ALMOST THERE – I then assemble all of the papers signed by each of you together with some other documents required by the Court and send them to the Court with the request that your divorce be granted and your marriage officially ended.
  • IT’S OVER – The Court will, within a few weeks, depending on the Judge’s schedule, send me your final decree and I will then send it out to you.

SIMPLE AND CHEAP – As you can see, there’s not really that much to it – if you have a lawyer who knows what needs to be done, when and how – so that’s why I don’t have to charge much. Each time you receive paperwork from me, there will be simple instructions with it. Sit down with what you receive from me, take your time and read through it. It’s a lot easier than figuring out a new phone, for example. I have had many thousands of clients over the decades. They all got through it. That means you can too. Many people who have bought divorce kits on line and become frustrated with them have become my clients. They all wished they had come to me first as doing so would have saved them money, time and aggravation. I do not sell a kit. I sell you my services as your attorney, for $219, and you will get your divorce.

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If you and your spouse are both in agreement about being divorced, you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to have a local law firm represent you. Attorney Mike Davis makes it easy to get an uncontested divorce, for only $219 TOTAL, with court costs included. Divorce is often stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. With our Divorce Wizard you can start your case online instantly, and for as little as $25.00.

Our Divorce Wizard lets you start your uncontested Pennsylvania divorce online, at any time. 

Attorney Michael Davis has an A+ accreditation statewide from the Better Business Bureau®. You’ll never have to travel any further than your own mailbox. If you still have questions, Attorney Mike Davis is available for a FREE initial phone consultation. 


Our competition doesn’t allow you to start your case unless you pay in full. They’ll recommend high-priced add-ons that you really don’t need and only make your divorce more expensive. More conventional local law firms offer divorces for exorbitant prices, and the process can take much longer. Our entire practice is built around saving you money, and making your divorce as quick and painless as possible. We can remove a spouse’s name from a deed, re-take your previous name, or create your settlement agreement. We’ve helped clients like you for more than 44 years, far, far longer than any other firm.

We’re dedicated to only handling uncontested, low-cost, no-fault Pennsylvania divorces.

You can start your divorce online in a matter of minutes using our Divorce Wizard, know that an experienced attorney will review every part of your case and keep you informed on its progress.

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